Geoff Logic

Although Geoff died as a twenty-six year old, we have examples of what mattered to him, written in his own words. Krissy referred to Geoff’s sayings as “Geoff Logic”; we apply the term here to Geoff’s written material. As the Foundation trustees decide how to honor Geoff’s legacy, we use “Geoff Logic” to guide us in our decision-making and we share it with you here.

Peer Motivation
“It’s surprising how you can influence people around you when you become more active. I have inspired some of my co-workers to increase their physical activity, just by them seeing me going to my running class twice a week. Also a bunch of my co-workers are signing up for the running class with me for next term, which should make running that much more fun and in turn inspire me to push myself harder.”

“I always feel sad when I see people not believing in their own abilities. I encourage others to try their best and show them that they are good at doing what they think they cannot do.”

Be There
“The aspect of the FISH philosophy I embody most is Be There. I do my best to always be available for assistance and to be in the office as often as I can. Especially when we are training new staff I make sure to keep myself available to help them whenever they need it and to guide them through new tasks.”

“I like being the go-to guy and being utilized.”

“Failure to me means something that you find out you didn’t know how to do, or found out you were not fully prepared for what you needed to do. It is an opportunity to learn how to do new things, but also to make sure you are fully understanding what you need to do when you take on a project.”

The First Step
“For me, one of the most difficult things when I want to accomplish something is the first step. Once that first step is taken, it becomes easier and easier to continue. I try to keep what I am trying to do to a regular schedule, doing the same things over and over, to keep it as simple as possible for myself. But one of the things I always have to watch out for is not deviating once I have started. It can be small things, like having a meeting in the morning so I decide to skip my workout for that day, or maybe I am busy at work and can’t get home to have the meal I had laid out for myself, and instead have fast food. Once that first deviation happens, it becomes easier and easier to convince myself why I should take another day off, and another. Suddenly I haven’t worked out for over a week and my diet has started to falter.”

“KidSpirit has shown me that you should not judge a book by its cover. I initially was hesitant to work with the campers but after lunch groups and belaying I realized that my perceptions were totally wrong and that I actually had a lot of fun doing it.”

Six Rules of Success
Arnold Schwarzenegger talked about his Six Rules of Success at various venues. Geoff loaded Schwarznegger’s audio of the Six Rules on his iPod. We share them with you because Geoff thought they were important for him.
1. Trust Yourself
Who do you want to be and what makes you happy?
2. Think outside the box
Follow your bliss, you don’t have to be like everyone else.
3. Don’t be afraid to fail
You can’t always win. Don’t be afraid of making decisions.
4. Don’t listen to the naysayers
Yes you can!
5. Work your butt off
Leave no stone unturned. No pain, no gain.
6. Give something back
Find time to reach out and help people in your community.




One thought on “Geoff Logic

  1. It still makes me smile to think about “Geoff Logic.” While I didn’t always understand how he got there, he usually turned out to be right about whatever point he was making. This foundation is such a positive tribute for such an amazing person. I continued to be inspired by Geoff and his wonderful family.

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